Leader in custom industrial fire pumps

Established in Melbourne, Jason Hassett established Hass Pumps in 2001 where he started industrial water pumps servicing Victoria wide.

As custom industrial fire pump manufacturers, Hass has now grown and is renown for its top of the range; quality, design, engineering and manufacturing.

Hass provide industrial fire pumps maintenance and industrial water tanks servicing Australia-wide.


  1. From the very beginning, the Hass name has been a benchmark for quality in design, engineering and manufacturing. For Hass, identifying customer needs, offering superior technology, and building great customer experiences, are all part of a long-standing tradition.
  2. We are committed to follow our core principles of excellence in design and engineering while delivering total quality in building-lasting-product-performance
  3. Our company has pioneered an uncompromising range of products for customers in residential, commercial and industrial markets.

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